Prague Tram at Smetanovo Nabrezi in Winter

Smetanovo Nabrezi in Prague

Smetanovo Nabrezi, or Smetana Embankment, runs along the east side of the Vltava River from National Theatre to Charles Bridge. Besides a nice walk by the river, it offers one of the best views of the well-known Prague panorama: Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague Tram at Smetanovo Nabrezi in Winter

Here you can see the picture of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge as seen from Smetanovo Nabrezi.

Design of Prague trams

Trams are an integral part of Prague and it is hard to spend a day in the city without seeing at least one. The tram on the picture is the most traditional Prague tram and the oldest kind that is operation in the streets of Prague now. The red and white design is the default one, though you will also find many trams carrying advertising and different colours.

Numbers of Prague tram lines

Regular tram lines in Prague have numbers from 1 to high 20’s, temporary tram lines (in cases of diversions and extra tram operation) usually in the 30’s, and night tram lines in the 50’s. There is also an old-style tram line for tourists with number 91. Bus lines in Prague have three digit numbers and metro lines are marked by letters (A, B, C).

Prague tram line number 18

At the time of publishing this picture, the tram line 18 operated between Pankrac and Petriny, stopping (among other places) by Jiraskovo Namesti, National Theatre, Charles Bridge, Staromestska Station, and Prague Castle.

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