Long Escalator in Prague Kobylisy Metro Station

Long escalators in Prague

Prague is known for many different things – and one of them is unusually long (and often also very fast) escalators in Prague metro stations. Most of the deepest metro stations are located in the city centre where the metro was built first – during the 1970’s and 1980’s. The very longest escalator in Prague is in Namesti Miru Station, opened in 1978. These central sections of Prague metro are quite similar to some parts of Moscow metro, which is also known for deep stations and long escalators.

Why are Prague metro stations so deep?

One reason for the depth of the stations is that they were supposed to serve as shelters in case of nuclear attack. At the time of the fastest development of both Prague and Moscow metro, both nations were part of the Eastern European communist block and in the “Cold War” against the capitalist West. The Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia were cooperating on many levels and metro construction in their capitals was one of them. Here you can see a good example: Prague Andel Metro Station: Soviets Turned Angels.

Long Escalator in Prague Kobylisy Metro Station

Kobylisy Metro Station: not a typical deep station

Kobylisy Station, whose long escalator you can see on the picture, is different from the other deep Prague stations in several ways. It is not located in the city centre, but in the district of Kobylisy in the northern part of Prague. It was not built during the communist era, but as recently as 2004. And not least, the reason for its depth is not to be a nuclear attack shelter, but it is much simpler…

Why is Kobylisy Station deep underground?

Kobylisy district is situated on a hill above the Vltava river and therefore Kobylisy Station is at a much higher altitude than the neighbouring station Nadrazi Holesovice, which is just next to the river. Although there is a long and steep climb on the metro tracks from Nadrazi Holesovice to Kobylisy, the distance is not sufficient for the metro to climb enough and therefore Kobylisy Station is so deep underground.

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