Novotneho Lavka and Smetana Museum in Winter

Novotneho Lavka in Prague

Just about 100 metres from Charles Bridge there is a block of houses running from Smetanovo Nabrezi into the Vltava River. The place is called Novotneho Lavka (Novotny’s Footbridge).

Novotneho Lavka and Smetana Museum in Winter

Karlovy Lazne Music Club at Novotneho Lavka

There are three important things in these houses at Novotneho Lavka. Inside the house closest to the street (Smetanovo Nabrezi), there is the largest club in Central Europe, Karlovy Lazne (Charles’ Spa). On most days of the week you can choose from several (up to 5) floors and several stages playing different kinds of music (mostly pop, dance music, but also live concerts of all kinds).

Lavka Theatre (Divadlo Lavka)

Another interesting thing at Novotneho Lavka is Klub Lavka (Lavka Club) with its Lavka Theatre (Divadlo Lavka). Besides the theatre Lavka Club also hosts other cultural events and seminars.

Smetana Museum and statue at Novotneho Lavka

At the end of Novotneho Lavka there is a statue – the monument of Bedrich Smetana, famous Czech composer and opera maker, who gave its name to the nearby Smetanovo Nabrezi (Smetana Embankment). Inside the house behind Smetana statue you can visit his museum: Smetana Museum. Not least, besides Bedrich Smetana the place offers a wonderful view of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

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