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Where to Stay in Prague

Best areas to stay in Prague for sightseeing, nightlife, shopping, dining. Comparing popular Prague districts as places to stay.

Prague Weather

Weather in Prague today. Prague weather forecast for 5 days. Weather in the Czech Republic. Prague climate, temperatures, and rainfall.

Prague Na Knizeci Bus Station

Prague Florenc bus station The bus station (Autobusove Nadrazi) Praha Florenc is the main bus terminal for both domestic and

Prague Florenc Bus Station

Prague Florenc Bus Station: located in Prague city centre The central long distance bus terminal Praha Florenc is situated in

Czech Republic Currency: Czech Koruna

European Union but not yet the euro The Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union since 2004,

Vltavska Metro Station

Vltavska Metro Station in Prague Vltavska is a station on Prague metro line C between Florenc and Nadrazi Holesovice. It

Nadrazi Holesovice Metro Station

Nadrazi Holesovice Station in Prague Nadrazi Holesovice is the metro station at Praha-Holesovice Train Station in Prague’s greater city centre

Hlavni Nadrazi Metro Station

Hlavni Nadrazi = Main Train Station Hlavni nadrazi means main train station in the Czech language. Hlavni Nadrazi Metro Station

I. P. Pavlova Metro Station

I. P. Pavlova Metro Location I. P. Pavlova Station is located at I. P. Pavlova Square (Namesti I. P. Pavlova)

Vysehrad Metro Station

Vysehrad Metro Location Vysehrad Metro Station is located next to Prague Congress Centre at the southern end of Nusle Bridge

Prazskeho Povstani Metro Station

Prazskeho Povstani Metro Location Prazkeho Povstani Station is located in Pankrac district, on a small hill just south of Prague

Pankrac Metro Station

Pankrac Metro Station in Prague Pankrac is a station on Prague metro line C (the red line) between Prazskeho Povstani

Ladvi Metro Station

Ladvi Metro Station in Prague Ladvi is a station on Prague metro line C in the northern part of the