Bus from Prague to Frankfurt

Eurolines Bus from Prague to Frankfurt

There is a direct bus from Prague to Frankfurt am Main, operated by Eurolines, the European long-distance bus alliance. In winter there are about 8 connections in each direction (in the summer season there are additional buses). Some buses leave Prague late in the afternoon and arrive to Frankfurt around midnight, while other buses depart from Prague later in the evening and arrive to Frankfurt the next morning. Travel by bus from Prague to Frankfurt takes 7 – 7.5 hours.

Prague to Frankfurt Bus Timetable

Prague – Frankfurt

The bus to Frankfurt departs from Prague Florenc Central Bus Station, bus stand no. 5.
Departure times:
17:00 (MON, THU, FRI, SUN; the bus arrives to Frankfurt Hbf/Busbahnhof by midnight)
22:30 (TUE, WED, FRI, SUN; night bus, arrives to Frankfurt around 6:00 the following morning; this bus continues from Frankfurt to Cologne and Aachen)

Frankfurt – Prague

Here you can see the schedule in the opposite direction: Bus from Frankfurt to Prague.

Bus from Prague to Frankfurt Prices

One-way bus ticket from Prague to Frankfurt costs CZK 900 – 1,450. The earlier you book, the higher the probability that you will be able to choose a price at the lower end of the range.

Regular discounts apply to children (up to 80%), students (20%), and seniors (10%).

Besides, there may also be occasional special offers (e.g. return ticket sale 2 for 1 etc.). You can see current offers on the Eurolines website.

Prague to Frankfurt Bus Baggage Allowance

Each passenger can take hand baggage plus 2 pieces of hold luggage (to be put into the cargo area at the bottom of the bus). This baggage is free of charge.

The information on this page is based on Eurolines timetable for 1.11.2011 – 31.3.2012. You can see up-to-date schedules and prices on the official website of Eurolines.

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