Bus from Frankfurt to Prague

Frankfurt to Prague Bus by Eurolines

Eurolines operate a direct bus from Frankfurt to Prague. There are about 8 buses per week in each direction between Frankfurt am Main and Prague. Travel time from Frankfurt to Prague is a little over 7 hours. There are both day buses and night buses available from Frankfurt to Prague.

Bus Frankfurt Prague Schedule

Frankfurt to Prague

Departures from Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof/Busbahnhof, st. 10-12:
5:00 (MON, TUE, THU, SAT; bus arrives to Prague Florenc at 12:30)
22:45 (TUE, THU, FRI, SUN; night bus; arrives to Prague Florenc at 6:00 the following morning)
There are two stops on the way: N├╝rnberg and Plzen (Pilsen).

Prague to Frankfurt

For timetable in the other direction, see Bus from Prague to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt to Prague Bus Prices

One-way ticket from Frankfurt to Prague costs from CZK 900 (EUR 40) to CZK 1,400 (EUR 60). The lower price is available if you book early.

There are regular discounts for students, children (must travel with an adult), and seniors. From time to time, Eurolines also introduce various special offers and promotional discounts.

Frankfurt to Prague Bus Baggage Allowance

Hand baggage plus 2 pieces of hold luggage per passenger are free of charge. Your hold luggage will be put into the cargo area at the bottom of the bus.

The schedule and prices stated above are valid from 1.11.2011 to 31.3.2012. For the latest information and detailed conditions of carriage, please visit the official website of Eurolines.

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