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Prague Weather

Weather in Prague today. Prague weather forecast for 5 days. Weather in the Czech Republic. Prague climate, temperatures, and rainfall.  See more

Prague Climate

Climate in Prague and the Czech Republic. Temperatures, sunshine, rain, wind, storms, and natural risks in Prague. Prague weather.  See more

Prague Time

Prague time zone. Time differences of Prague vs other places. Daylight Saving Time in Prague. Sunrise and sunset time in Prague.  See more

Exchanging Money in Prague

Currency exchange shops in Prague A currency exchange stand or shop is called Smenarna in Czech, but it usually has its label in many languages (most frequently you will see ...  See more

Walking and Not Getting Killed in Prague

The dangers waiting for a Prague pedestrian While walking in the streets of Prague can be very romantic and breathtaking, it can also sometimes get you into dangerous situations. We’re ...  See more

Floods in Prague & Czech Republic

Floods: number one natural risk in Central Europe Sometimes storms can bring strong and continuous rains in the Czech Republic, which can lead to floods. Flooding is the most significant ...  See more

Czech Republic Currency: Czech Koruna

European Union but not yet the euro The Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union since 2004, but it has not yet accepted the euro as its ...  See more

Czech Koruna and Czech National Bank

Czech Koruna, the official currency of the Czech Republic The official currency of the Czech Republic is Czech Koruna (Czech crown), or CZK. See more information about CZK banknotes and ...  See more