Charles IV Statue next to Prague Charles Bridge

Charles IV statue in Prague

The monument of King Charles IV is one of the best preserved and most significant neo-Gothic statues in Central Europe. It was created in 1848 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Prague Charles University, which was founded by Charles IV in 1348. The monument is about 4 metres high (8 metres with the pedestal) and made of bronze. It was designed by Ernst Julius Hähnel.

Charles IV Statue next to Prague Charles Bridge

Charles IV statue location

Charles IV Statue is located at Knights of the Cross Square (Krizovnicke Namesti) next to the Old Town Bridge Tower (Staromestska Mostecka Vez) and the Old Town end of Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), another famous monument from the Golden Charles IV era. Charles IV monument is a popular stop on the typical tourist trail from Old Town Square to Lesser Quarter and Prague Castle.

Charles IV, Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor

Charles IV (Karel IV in Czech) ruled the Bohemian Kingdom in 1346-1378 and the Holy Roman Empire in 1355-1378. He was also the King of Italy and Burgundy. In the Czech Republic, he is considered one of the most important persons in Czech history (if not the one most important – he is often called the father of the country) and the period of his reign is considered the Golden era of Prague and Bohemia, as Prague was virtually the capital of Holy Roman Empire and big part of Europe at that time. You will find many structures and institutions bearing Charles IV’s name, either because he founded them (like Charles Bridge or Charles University) or simply because the Czechs have loved this King so much.

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