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Old Town Square: the very centre of Prague

For hundreds of years, Old Town Square has been the centre of Prague’s life. It vitnessed executions, defenestrations (polititians being thrown out of windows by angry crowd), celebrations, victories, and defeats. Though dominated by tourists in the last years, the Old Town Square has not lost its spirit. Today it is home to some of Prague’s best restaurants and hotels. Thanks to its strategic location in the middle of Prague Old Town, the Old Town Square is a perfect place to stay during your visit to Prague.

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Hotels at and near Prague Old Town Square

Prague Old Town is a popular hotel site. It’s atmosphere and style can’t be matched elsewhere in the city (except for maybe the Lesser Quarter). The range of accommodation options at and near Old Town Square goes from 5 star luxury hotels to 3 star hotels starting at EUR 30-40 a night. If you are on a tighter budget, there are more affordable places in Prague, for example the nearby Florenc area with several hostels and budget hotels.

Note that Prague Old Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and hotels can be sold out long in advance, especially around holidays and during peak tourist season. Book your hotel in advance to avoid disappointment.

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