Eurolines Czech Republic Bus Stations and Ticket Offices

Eurolines CZ bus operators

Eurolines represent the largest network of long-distance bus operators in Europe stretching from Sweden to Morocco and from Ireland to Turkey. While the quality standards of the buses, timetables, and ticket sales are integrated and unified in all Europe, Eurolines are not a single company, but an alliance of independent bus operators from various countries (something like how airline alliances work). In the Czech Republic, two bus operators are members of Eurolines: Touring Bohemia and Veolia Eurolines CZ.

Eurolines Czech Republic website and ticket offices

Both Czech Eurolines companies sell bus tickets on the Eurolines CZ website. The website also includes detailed timetables and frequently updated information about various discounts and promotions (such as 1 ticket + 1 free to selected destinations).

Eurolines Czech Republic cities and bus stations

The following cities in the Czech Republic are covered by the Eurolines bus network. There are ticket offices and agents selling Eurolines bus tickets in other Czech cities too – the full list is available on the Eurolines Czech website.

Eurolines in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and a world-class tourist destination, which attracts the majority of visitors to the Czech Republic and the majority or Eurolines bus traffic. Eurolines bus station at Prague-Florenc has direct bus connections to many European cities including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, and many more. The main Eurolines Czech Republic office is located at Prague Florenc Bus Station.

Eurolines in Brno

Brno is the second largest Czech city and the capital of Moravia (the eastern part of the Czech Republic). Many Eurolines buses from Prague to destinations south-east of the Czech Republic stop in Brno (e.g. the buses to Bratislava, Zagreb, or Bucharest) – but not the buses from Prague to Vienna and Budapest, which go directly and bypass Brno. Additionally, some buses from Prague to Western Europe (e.g. to London, Berlin, or Frankfurt) start in Brno before coming to Prague.

Eurolines Brno stop is located at the Central Bus Station Zvonarka (UAN Zvonarka), about 5 minutes walk from the main train station (behind the big shopping centre Vankovka). One exception is the bus Prague – Brno – Bratislava, which stops at the bus station in front of the Grand Hotel (AN Brno Grand) at Benesova Avenue close to the main train station (Eurolines CZ Brno office is also located here).

Bus schedules, prices, tickets: Go to Eurolines Czech Republic website

Eurolines in Plzen

Plzen is the fourth largest Czech city, located about 100 km south-west of Prague on the highway from Prague to Bavaria (Regensburg, Munich). Some Eurolines buses from Prague to destinations in Western Europe stop in Plzen (e.g. the bus to London, Munich, or Frankfurt). Eurolines buses stop at Plzen Central Bus Station (Plzen CAN), which is located between Husova Street and Skvrnanska Street in the western part of Plzen city centre.

Eurolines in Usti nad Labem

Usti nad Labem is one of the largest cities in North Bohemia, close to the border between the Czech Republic and Saxony (a German state). Buses from Prague to destinations in the north-west stop in Usti nad Labem (e.g. the bus to Dresden, Berlin, or Copenhagen). Eurolines Usti nad Labem stop is located at the Central Bus Station at Revolucni Street (about halfway between the two big Usti train stations).

Eurolines in Hradec Kralove

Hradec Kralove is located about 100 km east of Prague on the way to Poland. Eurolines buses from Prague to Wroclaw, Warsaw, Lithuania, or Belarus stop in Hradec Kralove. Eurolines bus stop is located at the main public transport terminal (Terminal hromadne dopravy Hradec Kralove) in front of the main train station.

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