Bus from Vienna to Prague

Vienna – Prague Bus

The pan-European bus network Eurolines operate a direct bus from Vienna to Prague. The buses go non-stop (they don’t even go to Brno) and therefore the ride takes only 4 hours (city centre to city centre). The distance from Vienna to Prague is 300 km.

Vienna to Prague Bus Schedule

Vienna to Prague

Departures from Vienna Erdberg Bus Station to Prague (daily):
8:00 (bus arrives to Prague Florenc Bus Station at 12:00)
13:30 (this bus starts at Vienna S├╝dtiroler Platz at 13:00; arrival Prague Florenc at 17:30)
18:00 (arrival to Prague Florenc at 22:00)

Prague to Vienna

For bus timetable in the opposite direction, see Bus from Prague to Vienna.

Vienna to Prague Bus Prices

Regular one-way ticket from Vienna to Prague costs CZK 500-550 (or about EUR 20-22). You can get a significantly lower price if you book longer in advance (the early booker prices start at CZK 190).

Eurolines also offer permanent discounts for children (up to 80%), students (20%), and seniors (over 60 years: 10%).

Vienna Prague Bus Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage plus 2 pieces of hold baggage (to be put into the cargo area at the bottom of the bus) per person are free.

The schedule and price information above is based on Eurolines timetable for 1.11.2011 – 31.3.2012. For up-to-date information and detailed conditions of carriage please see the official website of Eurolines.

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