Eurolines Brno Bus Station Locations

Eurolines in Brno, Czech Republic

Brno is the second largest Czech city, located about 200 km south-east of Prague and quite close to Vienna, Austria. Eurolines buses, which connect Prague with many other cities in all Europe, also often stop in Brno.

Which Eurolines buses stop in Brno

Some Eurolines buses from Prague to destinations east of the Czech Republic stop in Brno. For example, the busy line between Prague and Bratislava, the Slovakian capital, stop in Brno. Buses from Prague to Zagreb or Bucharest stop in Brno too.

However, Eurolines buses from Prague to Vienna and from Prague to Budapest don’t stop in Brno (which may be quite surprising).

Some Eurolines buses which actually go from Prague to destinations in the west start in Brno before coming to Prague. These routes include Brno – Prague – London, Brno – Prague – Berlin, or Brno – Prague – Frankfurt.

Eurolines Brno Bus Stations

There are actually two different Eurolines bus stations in Brno.

Brno Central Bus Station Zvonarka

Most Eurolines buses coming to Brno arrive and depart at the Central Bus Station Brno Zvonarka. This bus station is located near the main train station behind the big shopping centre Vankovka. The walk from Brno main train station to Brno Bus Station Zvonarka takes about 5 minutes.

Eurolines Brno bus stop at AN Brno Grand

Unlike the other Eurolines buses, the bus from Prague to Bratislava doesn’t go to the central bus station. It stops in front of the Grand Hotel at Benesova Avenue, just a few steps from the main train station’s main entrance (but on to other side of the railroad tracks than Brno-Zvonarka Bus Station). In bus timetables this bus station is usually listed as AN Brno Grand.

Eurolines Brno Bus Schedules, Prices, and Tickets

All schedules of Eurolines buses coming to Brno, Prague, and other Czech cities, are available on the official website of Eurolines Czech Republic. Bus ticket booking is also possible directly from that website.

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