Taxi in Prague: Prices, Risks, and Tips

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Bad reputation of Prague taxi drivers

Overcharging tourists. Speeding and dangerous driving. Being rude. Not speaking English. Prague taxi drivers have not been among the things Prague is proud of. There have been many complaints and some stories got huge following in the media.

One day not long time ago the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem dressed up as a tourist and tried several taxi services himself. The result was mixed, but in general confirmed that not everything was in order with Prague taxi drivers.

The reality of Prague taxi: improving gradually, but slowly

In reality many things have improved over the last years and the percentage of honest taxi drivers has probably increased. This was helped by the big taxi networks which gained more market share. However, the rule that a big company means honest and good drivers, while private drivers are bad, is not to be always relied on.

Some big and relatively reputable taxi companies in Prague

AAA Taxi (operated by the company Radiotaxi s.r.o.). AAA Taxi is easily recognized by yellow Skoda cars and big AAA logo. Contact AAA Taxi: phone (+420) 14014 or (+420) 222 333 222. Website: – on the website it is possible to book taxi online. AAA Taxi also operates Prague Ruzyne Airport transfers, but these are not possible to order online – it is not necessary, as there are always some yellow cars waiting right in front of the Arrivals Hall.

City Taxi. Phone: (+420) 257 257 257. Website: – you can book taxi online. There is also a fixed pricelist available on the website. City Taxi also offers services for businesses and cargo services.

Halotaxi. Phone (+420) 2 4411 4411. Website: – online taxi booking and fixed price list available on the website. Halotaxi also offers cargo services.

Usual Prague taxi rates

Departure rates: CZK 30-40 (EUR 1.50)

1 km in the city of Prague: CZK 20-28 (EUR 1)

1 minute of waiting: CZK 5-6 (EUR 0.30)

Note that the maximum taxi prices of CZK 40 (departure rate), CZK 28 (1 km), and CZK 6 (1 minute waiting) are limited by law issued by the City of Prague and it is therefore illegal for the taxi driver to request more (law as in 2010, subject to change).

Prague taxi advice: minimize risks & overcharging

Try to choose some of the bigger and reputable companies (not 100% bullet-proof though).

Pre-book a taxi in advance if you can. With the big taxi companies you won’t probably wait for your taxi longer than 15 minutes.

Try to negotiate the price before you get in the car, at least an approximate price. Be careful and make sure the taxi driver sets the taximeter to zero before departure.

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