Student Agency Bus from Prague to Copenhagen

Travel from Prague to Copenhagen by bus

If you don’t want to take a plane from Prague to the Danish capital for some reason, there is a solid alternative. There are companies operating buses between the Czech Republic and Denmark and Student Agency is one of them (you don’t need to be a student to go with the bus).

It takes approximately 12 hours to get from Prague to Copenhagen and the buses generally go overnight. There are usually two pairs of buses every week – at the time of writing this article the departures are on Wednesday and Friday from Prague and on Friday and Sunday from Copenhagen.

The buses leave Prague Florenc station at six in the evening and arrive in Copenhagen at six in the morning the following day.

Before coming to Prague, the buses go over several other Czech cities: Ostrava, Frydek-Mistek, Novy Jicin, Olomouc, and Brno. On the way between Prague and Copenhagen the buses stop in Usti nad Labem.

Student Agency service on board

Each Student Agency bus has a steward on board who offers you warm drinks (included in the ticket’s price) and answers your questions (all stewards speak English). You can borrow headphones and listen to music or watch a movie. There are international movies or Czech movies with English subtitles.

Student Agency tickets and booking

It is highly recommended to book tickets online at least few days before your departure. One-way trip from Prague to Copenhagen costs EUR 70; round trip costs EUR 113. The rates from Brno are EUR 76 and EUR 125, from Ostrava to Copenhagen the bus costs EUR 80 one way and EUR 133 round trip. Cancellation or rebooking is possible until 24 hours prior to departure for a fee.

Brno Student Agency bus stop

Note that in Brno Student Agency buses do not stop at the central bus station Zvonarka, but at the stop in front of the Grand Hotel close to the main train station.

Prague Florenc station

In Prague the buses to Copenhagen depart from the long distance bus station Praha Florenc. Florenc is located very close to the city centre and only one metro station from Prague main train station. You can easily get to Florenc by metro (lines B and C), tram, or bus. There are also parking facilities in the area. If you need anything, Student Agency has its representatives in the terminal building.

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade stop

In Copenhagen many international long distance buses, including Student Agency buses from Prague, stop in Ingerslevsgade (street) next to DGI Byen. There is no terminal building, only few signs with schedules. The bus stop in Ingerslevsgade is located very close (200m) to the main train station (København H) and close to Tivoli, from which it is connected with a bridge over tracks.

From the train station you can take a variety of S-trains and buses to all parts of Copenhagen and the whole Sjælland island. There are all the usual services in the train station building, like baggage storage, sale of tickets, or internet café.

Note: The schedule and prices are subject change over time. Go to the carrier’s website for updates.

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