Bohemian Lines Bus from Prague to Copenhagen

Overnight bus between Prague and Copenhagen

Czech company Bohemian Lines operates buses between the Czech Republic and Copenhagen (they also stop in Nykøbing). There are usually two pairs of buses every week – at the time of writing this article the departures are on Monday and Friday from Brno and Prague and on Tuesday and Sunday from Copenhagen.

The bus leaves Prague in the afternoon or in the evening, crosses Germany during the night, and takes you to Copenhagen in early morning. Standard duration of travel from Prague to Copenhagen is about 13 hours (this includes two hours on a ferry); from Brno it is two hours more.

Bohemian Lines tickets and booking

One way ticket from Prague to Copenhagen costs about CZK 1,500 (EUR 60). There are discounts on round trips and special offers when you book the ticket very early or very late before departure. See the Bohemian Lines website for exact quotes and booking of tickets. Common cards (if enabled for internet payments) are accepted.

Brno Zvonarka station

In Brno Bohemian Lines buses depart from the central bus station Zvonarka.

Prague Florenc station

In Prague the buses to Copenhagen leave from the main long distance bus terminal Praha-Florenc. Florenc is located very close to the centre and is easily accessible by metro lines B or C, or by numerous tram and bus lines. There are also parking facilities in the area.

Ferry from Rostock to Gedser

In Rostock the bus boards a ferry to Gedser on Danish island Falster. While on the ship, all passengers are requested to leave the bus for safety reasons. But the ferries are big and offer plenty of shops and restaurants where you can spend the two hours. If you like watching the sea (and don’t mind the cold wind), don’t miss the giant windmill farm close to the Danish coast (if it’s not too dark).

Nykøbing stop

Shortly after the bus enters Denmark in the early morning, it stops in a smaller city of Nykøbing on the Falster island. The stop in Nykøbing is located in front of the railway station.

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade stop

In Copenhagen many international long distance buses, including this one from Prague, stop in Ingerslevsgade (street name) next to DGI Byen. There is no terminal building, only few signs with schedules. The bus stop in Ingerslevsgade is located very close (200m) to the main train station (København H) and close to Tivoli, from which it is separated only with a bridge over tracks.

From the train station you can take a variety of S-trains and buses to all parts of Copenhagen and the whole Sjælland island. There are all the usual services in the train station building, like baggage storage, sale of tickets, or internet café.

Further stops in Sweden and buses to Norway

If you happen to be reading this though Denmark is not your destination, note that Bohemian Lines buses continue to Malmö and some of them further to Sweden. You either continue in the same bus or switch to a Swedish bus (Swebus) in Malmö. Further stops in Sweden are Helsingborg, Ljungby, Jönköping, Linköping and Stockholm. There are also convenient Swebus connections from Malmö to Göteborg and Örebro or to Oslo in Norway.

Note: The schedule and prices can change over time. Go to the carrier’s website for updates.

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