Luxury Prague Hotels Don’t Have to Cost the Earth

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Many 4 star and 5 star hotels in Prague

It is a fact that there are more 4 star and 5 star hotels in the great city of Prague than all of the other stars combined. Many Prague 5 star hotels can be found in the heart of the city and offer accommodation in some of the most stunning buildings to be seen, both new and old. Many travellers who are on a budget assume that staying in the likes of the Marriott Hotel Prague and various 4 star Prague hotels is outside of their reach. In fact, it is possible to stay in a Prague luxury hotel without it having to cost the Earth. Below are some ways to help you in finding the best luxury hotels to stay in without leaving a great big hole in your wallet.

Check out offers from flight operators

If you are planning to fly into the wonderful capital city of the Czech Republic then it is worth considering deals on offer from the various major airlines. Several airline operators have contracts in place with 5 star Prague hotels which allow them to offer very competitive rates on the accommodation. It is worth checking when you are browsing for a cheap airfare to see if there are any extras thrown in such as a reduced rate for staying at luxury hotels in Prague. If you still feel that 5 star hotels are outside of your remit, try searching for 3 star or 4 star Prague hotels, which may also have an arrangement with specific airlines.

Don’t avoid contacting the best Prague hotels directly

It is often the case that people on a tight budget will avoid researching luxury hotels in Prague directly as they assume that they will not be able to afford to stay in hotels like these. By looking at the actual website of the Prague 5 star hotels or even the 4 star Prague hotels you may be surprised to find that they offer reasonable rates and discounts.

By checking out the websites of these luxury hotels you will also be able to see what amenities and services you will be getting for your money. You can also phone the luxury Prague hotels too, as talking to someone in person may mean you will be able to negotiate a reduced rate. You never know unless you try, do you?

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