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Why use Prague hotels map to find hotels in Prague

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Maybe you have already experienced booking a hotel online in a city you didn’t know much, only to find out later that the hotel was situated far from all the attractions and public transport facilities. How can you know which hotels have good location, when you’ve never been to the place? This is exactly how this Prague hotels map can help you.

How to use this Prague hotels map

The map is powered by Google Maps, with added icons of individual hotels, landmarks, bus and train stations, and other important places in Prague.

By clicking on a landmark or station icon, you get to a more detailed page about the particular location and you will be able to filter the hotels by distance from the place, price, and several other criteria.

When you click on an individual hotel’s icon on the Prague hotels map, you will get to that hotel’s main page, where you can see detailed description of the hotel, a few pictures of the rooms, hotel guest reviews, rates, and other conditions (like when you can check-in and check-out, until when you can cancel the reservation etc.).

Here you can read more detailed guide on the navigation on this Prague hotels map.

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Prague hotels map vs. Google Maps

If you are familiar with Google Maps, navigation on this map of Prague hotels will be very easy. You can zoom in or zoom out and display the map either in the traditional way or as a satellite image. In fact, the only difference between this Prague hotels map and the classical Google Maps is that this one also includes the hotel icons and the interactive hotel functionality.

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