Road Usage Tax Sticker and Czech Highways

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Road usage tax sticker

A tax applies on most sections of Czech highways and speedways. Cars up to 3.5 tonnes using a highway must have a road usage tax sticker on the front window. There are signs warning about this requirement at border crossings, but these may be easy to overlook. You can buy the tax sticker at most gasoline stations.

Types and prices of coupons

There are three time periods you can choose from. You can buy the tax sticker for a year, a month, or a 10 day period. The annual coupon costs CZK 1200, the monthly coupon costs CZK 350, and the 10 day coupon costs CZK 250 (prices and periods apply for 2010).

For vehicles which are heavier than 3.5 tonnes the electronic system applies starting in January 2010. From the beginning of 2011 the electronic toll system is planned to replace the sticker system for all vehicles.

Installing the coupon

The coupon you buy has two parts. One part must be stuck on the front window. It must be stuck by itself (using its whole surface) and not with the help of anything else. This measure is to prevent you from removing it and using it on another car (if you try to remove the sticker from the window, you damage it).

You must keep the second part and show it to the policeman upon request. Note that you must fill out the registration number of your car on both parts of the coupon. On shorter period coupons you also have to mark the validity period, otherwise it is invalid.

Driving on a highway without a valid sticker results in a high fine (it can reach tens of thousands of Czech Koruna).

Driving on Czech highways

Czech highway network has been growing quite fast in the last years and especially Prague is connected by a highway or speedway with most Czech regions. The newly built sections have very high quality, but you may encounter rougher surface on some older sections. Especially if you plan driving around Prague or on the sections between the biggest Czech cities, it is probably worth investing in the tax sticker.

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