Bus from Warsaw and Wroclaw to Prague

Travel from Poland to Prague by Bus

Eurolines, the bus network connecting many European cities, operates a line between Prague and several Polish cities. It is a cheap way how to get from Warsaw or Wroclaw to Prague. You won’t lose much time either, as most of the buses go overnight.

In Poland most buses start their journey in Bialystok and continue to Warsaw (in Warsaw they stop at Warszawa Zachodnia bus station). From Warsaw the buses go to Lodz and Wroclaw and then to the Czech Republic. All buses stop in Warsaw and Wroclaw, while Bialystok and Lodz are only served by some of them. Some of the buses also stop in the Czech city Hradec Kralove.

Bus from Warsaw to Prague Schedule and Travel Time

The bus ride from Warsaw to Prague usually takes about 9-10 hours. From Wroclaw to Prague the bus goes only about 4-5 hours. There are several buses per week in both directions. They usually leave their starting city (Prague or Warsaw or Bialystok) in evening hours and arrive in their final destination early in the morning. There are some buses from Prague (on Monday and Friday) which depart at noon and reach Warsaw before midnight the same day. From Poland all buses go overnight. For detailed timetable go to Eurolines website.

Warsaw to Prague Bus Ticket Prices and Booking

It is highly recommended to book the bus tickets early, as some buses may reach their full capacity several days prior to departure. One way ticket from Warsaw to Prague costs approximately EUR 30-40, depending on how early you book and how flexible you are with your travel date preference. There is some discount on round trip tickets. Discounts also apply to children, students, and people over 60.

One-way bus ticket from Wroclaw to Prague usually costs about EUR 25, but you can get as low as EUR 16.

Note that schedules and prices are subject to change and Prag Prague can’t guarantee accuracy of this information. Go to Eurolines website to see current timetable and prices and book bus tickets to Prague online.

Warsaw Zachodnia Bus Station

In Warsaw buses to Prague depart from Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) bus station, which is the biggest bus terminal in Warsaw both for domestic and international buses. It is located in Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem Avenues), the main boulevard crossing the centre of Warsaw, at the place where it crosses Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. (Street of the Battle of Warsaw). There is also the train station Warszawa Zachodnia.

Here you can see more information about Warsaw Zachodnia Bus Station.

Bus Stations in Prague

In Prague some buses from Poland arrive at international bus terminal Florenc, while others arrive at bus station Zelivskeho. Both bus stations have excellent public transport connections including metro, tram, and bus lines. While Florenc is located within walking distance from the heart of Prague (Old Town or Wenceslas Square), from Zelivskeho it takes about 10 minutes by metro to the centre.

Getting to Prague Ruzyne Airport

From both Florenc and Zelivskeho, take the metro to Dejvicka (end station of line A – direct from Zelivskeho; transfer from B or C needed from Florenc). From Dejvicka Station take bus number 119 to the airport.

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