How to Get from Prague to Brno: Bus and Train

Comparing Brno and Prague

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is much less known to tourists and much less visited, but the character of its architecture and layout is quite similar to Prague – only the size is much smaller. Nevertheless, Brno locals would probably feel offended by claiming their city to be similar to Prague and it’s true that the atmosphere is different. In Brno you will feel more relaxed and more small-city than in Prague.

Trips from Prague to Brno

Brno is the capital of Moravia, the eastern part of the Czech Republic. It is located to the south-east from Prague, on the way from Prague to Bratislava. It is perfectly possible to visit Brno as a one or two day trip from Prague, because the Czech Republic is not a large country and the distances are short.

How to get from Prague to Brno

The distance between Prague and Brno is only 200 km and flying doesn’t make much sense. There actually is one small airline operating flights between Prague and Brno and it recently (at the time of writing this) got to the news when they only had one single passenger on their aircraft. The most common kinds of transport between Prague and Brno are train and bus. Travel time from Prague to Brno is about 2-3 hours by both.

Prague to Brno by train

There isn’t virtually any competition in long distance train transport in the Czech Republic and all trains between Prague and Brno are operated by the state owned monopoly, Ceske Drahy (Czech Railways). The lack of competition unfortunately often negatively affects the quality of the services, although the trains between Prague and Brno (the two biggest cities) are among the best in the Czech Republic.

Prague to Brno by bus

Conversely, the competition in bus transport between Prague and Brno is tough and there are many bus companies operating the route. Among the biggest carriers are Eurolines – the Europe-wide long-distance bus network. If you want standardized quality and very reasonable prices (6-10 EUR one-way), they are the safe bet. Prague to Brno bus schedules, prices, and ticket booking are available on the official website of Eurolines Czech Republic.

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